The Return of the Tuesday Night Pub Road Ride

Yes, those of a certain age will have fond memories of a social group ride out to a local Cotswolds pub on a Tuesday night, returning in the dark and trying to avoid the various wildlife that can be staggering around at that time in the evening. Well, they’re back (the rides that is) and we think it would be great to see you on them!

The plan is for riders to meet up at the usual place (Pump Rooms) at the usual Tuesday night time (leaving 7.15 pm) returning to Cheltenham probably between 9.45pm and 11pm. We are hoping to continue the current faster paced (and usually hillier) ride which does not stop at a pub, and run it alongside the new and more social option so why not make the effort to get out each Tuesday evening throughout the year as it will help to keep you active and the legs moving! It is also a good way to sample the local pubs and get to know your club riders (although that is not always a good thing).

We will need leaders and it would also be great to have some routes posted too. If you are thinking of leading the new social pub road ride, then please give a thought about the pub destination as it may be worth a forward call (not every pub appreciates a group of thirsty riders trucking up on a Tuesday and there also needs to be space for the bikes, etc.). Signing up to lead is done via the usual way (the spreadsheet linked to the events calendar).

One final point, please ensure that if you do plan to turn up for an evening ride that you have decent lights that are securely attached. It can get quite dark out in the hills and it is easy to hit the odd bump in the road so keep a good distance between wheels and watch out for fallen debris, etc. A light mounted on a helmet is not essential but can be a really useful for mechnicals….just be careful about dazzling fellow riders when you chat to them.

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