Ron Carlton

Last Monday some long standing members and local cyclists attended the funeral of Ron Carlton to pay their respects. Ron was a stalwart and past Chairman of the club, playing a big part in many activities and events throughout the eighties, nineties and noughties. He was a friendly, kind and considerate man, everything a gentleman should be. Early on he was respected for his time trialing ability and over decades he organized and adjudicated many events  for the club, always with Brenda at his side. They were a familiar sight on their tandem. Ron was hugely enthusiastic for all forms of cycling, be it competition, audax/sportive or touring. It is ironic that cycling accidents curtailed Brenda’s life and Ron’s cycling. Although it is a reminder to always be safety conscious out on the road, it is certain that Ron would not have lived his life any other way. The club were very lucky to have had him in our ranks.


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