Reflector Issue 2 (January 1937) + Shubert’s 24hr Attempt

Further to last month’s re-issue edition 1 of the Reflector, here is an electronic copy of Issue 2 of the Reflector.

Some highlights:

  • It starts with out with an apology for being late out, which is very reassuring for many other past and present volunteers who are often a bit behind their club deadlines,
  • There are no sketches this time as the artist, Alec Maslin, had a spill on Boxing Day and ended  up in Cirencester Hosptial. There is an article on the incident from Alec, which despite being 2 pages long doesn’t actually say what happened! However, it does describe his hospital stay, including smoking under the blankets, charming nurses and ‘too generous’ doses of laxatives.
  • There is more background on the early days of the club and some anecdotes about the famous photo at Teddy hands. I don’t have the photo handy but we’ll post it soon.
  • A long, boring and laborious report on a cycle tour from Frank Shubert, part of a long tradition of this sort of thing.
  • News of the 1936 photography competition.

You can download Issue 2 here.

Another highlight from this period is a letter detailing the logistics for Frank Shubert’s 24 hr attempt in June 1936. Sadly, there is no record of whether he managed it or not.  Click the pictures to expand and read.

Shubert's 24 hour 1_0001Shubert's 24 hour 2_0001








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