The Reflector Issue 1 (November 1936)

Reflector Issue 1 front cover

A mere 79 years after it was first published in print, we bring you an electronic edition of Issue 1 of the Reflector.

The Reflector is the original club magazine. Launched in November 1936 with Wally Tilling as the Editor, new issues were released for several decades, though in recent times it has fallen by the way-side.

This first edition is one of the club’s most treasured possessions. There is a short history of the club, reports on clubs life, poems, drawings and even a vision of club life in 2040 (Steven Spielberg will be surely resurrecting Marty McFly for the film adaptation).

A notable snippet is that the club was founded in 1921 under the initiative of a Mr. Charles Brown. Now, some of you will know that Charlie Brown is one of the many pseudonyms of current Club Secretary Douglas Gale. We knew he had been around a while, but…..

We plan to digitise all of the issues of The Reflector, as well as the rest of the club’s substantial archives including handbooks, race programmes, mileage charts and so on. This is, of course, full of gold. It should be fun.

A link to download Issue 1 of the Reflector is below (price reduced from 3d to free).


Reflector Issue 1 – Full Edition  (This link might not open if you are using the twitter app, come back via your internet browser and it should work)




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