Crash on Stow Saturday ride


Jeff Manners came off on last Saturdays ride (return), due to getting a speed wobble on the B4068 descent down to Eyford Park. Dan Penney also got knocked off by Jeffs Bike coming back into the road.

Dan ended up with some nasty cuts and grazes, but Jeff’s injuries required an Ambulance. We were fortunate that we had a Doctor, Charlotte, on the ride who kept Jeff calm. The rest of the group got on with managing the traffic, contacting people and securing the damaged bikes. Charlotte, and her son Henry, and I came back later to collect the bikes.

I’ve heard from Jeff, via his wife Luan:

“He has broken a few bones in his back which should heal naturally and he has broken a bone in his neck so will be in a neck brace for about six weeks, lots of cuts and bruises. Thank you to everybody for their help and kind wishes today. No doubt he will be back on the bike before too long!
Jeff has asked me to send you an update (Tuesday). He is still in hospital and now has his right hand in a cast due to broken bones. They are struggling to control his pain at present, but once this is sorted he should be home.
Once again he sends his thanks to everyone for their help and concern.”

Dan has sent me a text picture showing Jeffs broken helmet; which certainly saved him from further injuries.

Martin McGreary