Club Support Rewards

As part of the initiative to encourage members volunteering to support the events we put on it was agreed at the AGM that standard membership rate would go up to £25pa, but that members could earn a credit of £5/event volunteering activity they undertook.

We are now half way through the year, 3 events done (Hilly TT, HONC, Summer CX), so here is a list of who has earned what so far:

4 credits (£20): Doug Gale, Don Muir, Martin McGreary, Steve Smith.

3 credits (£15): Dave Tucker, Gordon Smillie, Graham Haller, Harry Walton, Scott Mcardle.

2 credits (£10): June Bartlett, Jane Charlton, Laura Finucane, Louise Bish, Clive Lewis, Chris Veevers, David Brown, Ed Wilkins Gary Potts, Jeff Kapp, Jeff Manners, Jo Hole,  John Hawes, Keith Hayhurst, Mike Saunders, Neil Lockwood, Pat Alexander, Rich Preston, Rob Haynes, Roger Smith, Steve Williams, Tim Poole.

1 credit (£5):  Alan Williams, Alex Mackman, Amy Hume, Danny Morgs, Dave Koryczan, Dave Shepherd, Ed Wilkins, Emma Trueman, Gary Rickards, Graham Wilson, Jayne Cheslin, John Butler,  Lesley Jeans, Malcolm Tye, Mike Anderson, Neil Reynolds, Nick Smale, Paul Oz, Peter Haken.

Additionally the £20 LL ride leader awards have been won by the following people, who have led club rides (Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday):

Jan – Steve Smith, Feb – Martin McGreary, March – Jo Hole , April – Robin Mainwaring, May – Kevin Brown.

If you want to learn more about leading rides or helping at events then contact myself or other committee members.

Martin McGreary (Treasurer)

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