Changes to Saturday road rides

From next Saturday, 6th June,

  • Rides leaving from the Pump Rooms at 9:00.
  • Three destinations

The continuing popularity of these rides means we need to keep evolving the format to accommodate numbers. Even in the “quieter” months we have sometimes struggled with group sizes on the road and in cafes. Now, with the better weather on the way (we hope), the numbers can be expected to rise.

The new cafes are further afield so, in addition to the established 30 and 40 mile destinations, there will be a 50 mile option. These routes are mostly new but many of the existing routes have also been tweaked to make the distances more consistent and avoid multiple rides trying to leave town on the same roads.

Please check the route for any ride you are planning to join and, if you have them uploaded to GPS, make sure they are refreshed to avoid confusion. I am hoping the calendar will be showing the changes before Saturday but, if  not, you can see the latest details on the spreadsheet.

You can also use this to put yourself down as a group leader, just add your name to the relevant white box under Leader 1 or 2 (no need to “save”, that happens automatically). This is essential for the rides to run smoothly and safely, it need not be an onerous task if enough people offer and the groups are a not too big (up to 12 ideally). I hope the new options will make it easier for people to find groups with more similar abilities and expectations of the rides, more on that later in the week.

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