Saturday Morning Rides

There have been reports of shorts being worn this week so, along with the Omloop and KBK at the weekend, we have the welcome tell-tale signs of Spring.  In response, the C&CCC are reintroducing the “18+” rides on Saturday morning.  These rides will be less ‘managed’ but should still follow the club ethos of “No one gets dropped”.  We hope that the return of a faster ride will help to encourage those wanting to progress from all groups as the current step up from the 16mph to 18mph can be a bit daunting…which in turn causes issues for the 16’s and 14’s, etc.


So, if you are working your way up to a big ride and want to start stretching yourself or are finding yourself a little frustrated with the pace of your current group, why not consider the options available and start working on that early season training!