Riding on Cleeve Common? Please take note of this…

Please take note of this information sent to us from the Cleeve Common Conservators.

Cattle will be penned in Postlip Valley on Cleeve Common from 21st Jan 2015. Initially it will be just ten, young Belted Galloways (which are new to the Common), but the remaining 27 of our Galloway cattle will join them in a month or so once the youngsters have settled in.

A map of the paddock is attached, which shows the gates into/out of the paddock.  Cyclists are very welcome to enter the paddock using the gates (although please give the cattle a wide berth as they may be a bit lively/easily spooked for a few weeks while they settle in), but we’re asking that cyclists (and horse riders) do not ride through Dry Bottom Valley, to avoid excessive churning of the ground at this pinch-point. This is only temporary – the paddock will be in place at this location until early to mid- April.

In particular, if you know who it is who organises/participates in the night rides on Cleeve Common we’d be very grateful if you could draw their attention to the area marked with a red arrow on the attached, to ensure that they don’t go crashing through the electric fence in the dark. We will put signs up at that location, but it would be helpful if we could warn them in advance too.

Cyclists can read more about the conservation behind the grazing on our website www.cleevecommon.org (the first news story on the front page).