New Year’s Day TT Report




In what might have called the Gloucestershire Sidewind Championships, 18 competitors put better judgement aside and turned out for the revived C&CCC New Year’s Day 10m TT.

Thanks to Steve Smith, Don Muir and Captain Doug Gale for their help, and special thanks to all those who stopped for a drink the Teddy Hand Pub afterwards.

The New Year 18 managed 7 wins and 7 podiums between them.

Recumbent Hand Cycle
1st Mel Nicholls British Cycling 00:40:02


1st Neil Reynolds Winchcombe CC 00:26:54
2nd Rich Treen CCCC 00:27:54
3rd Rob Haynes CCCC 00:29:09


Female Vets
1st Jayne Cheslin CCCC 00:31:31
2nd Rebecca Boulton Winchcombe CC 00:32:44


Male Vets TT Bike
1st Andrew Shipton Gloucester City 00:23:38
2nd Chris Veysey Gloucester City 00:25:29
3rd Ian Humble Gloucester City 00:25:37
4th Gary Rickards CCCC 00:26:14
5th Rob Turner CCCC 00:26:32


Two Up
1st Laura Fincuane CCCC 00:37:37
1st Emma Trueman CCCC 00:37:37


Male Vets Road Bike
1st John Hawes CCCC 00:28:37
2nd Jon Maxwell Leisure Lakes 00:29:31
3rd Julian Bullas CCCC 00:29:39
4th M Harris WWCRT 00:30:20
5th Martin McGreary CCCC 00:31:13


The 2015 season calendar will be published very shortly. The first event, a 5m TT, will be on 16 April.