2015 Hell of the North Cotswolds marshalling volunteers appeal

Dear CC-CC member,

The “Hell of the North Cotswolds” is without doubt our Club’s largest bike riding promotion during the year.

On Sunday 12th April, approximately 1,000 riders are expected to participate in the 100km/50km mixed terrain cycling reliability trial which starts and finishes in Winchcombe. In association with Winchcombe Cycling Club, we (CC-CC) are the co-organisers of this classic event, now in its thirty first year. See the Hell of the North Cotswolds website http://www.honc.org.uk/ for more information.

As usual, the route crosses several moderately busy “A” or “B” class roads. It is essential to improve the safety of the participants at those potentially dangerous junctions by having static marshals there to warn the riders to give way and take particular care when crossing of their own accord. To do this, shifts of up to 1 hour duration are organised, so that no marshals have to stay at any junction for too long (especially if the weather should be inclement).

This year, to stay within that “shift” time, I am looking to recruit approximately 30 Club members to come along and help out on that day.

Alternatively, if you wish to spend the day riding in the event, please consider being part of a marshal’s tail-ender group, which rides at the back of the field sweeping up the stragglers and making certain that any gates on the route are closed behind the group. In that role, you can either ride the whole of the short 55km route or either half of the long 95km event (before or after lunchtime). As well as tailenders, we also need some riders to collect small route direction arrows and advance notification posters which will be at various locations along the route.

We need at least 20 riders for those tasks . .

Also we will need several riders to assist the day before, to set up small route direction arrows around the second half of the route (Winchcombe Club are going to mark out the first half). This will be done with vehicles to carry riders from Cheltenham to various locations, each rider then doing a quite short ride along a section of the route to set up arrows, followed by riders being collected by vehicles and taken back to Cheltenham.

Closer to the event I will send out detail of your marshalling location, timing, what to do and were to collect any kit from, eg: flouro marshalling jackets.

Therefore, could you please spare a couple of hours or more on Sunday 12th of April? If so, tell me whether you prefer to help all day, or the morning or the afternoon, either static or riding, or whether you would like to assist with route recce/setting up arrows in the morning of Saturday 11th April.

Also, as a small reward for the voluntary time you may be donating, you may collect a commemorative medal.  Also you would be eligible for the Club membership fee rebate for event volunteers.

Please reply to:

e-mail: pat_alx@yahoo.co.uk
text: 07867 932005
skype: pat_alx

Best Regards

Pat Alexander

Event Co-Organiser
Cheltenham & County Cycling Club