Saturday Road Ride Update

With the change of season it felt like time to freshen up the routes and some destinations as well. From next week (1st Nov) it will be worth taking a few minutes more to look at the Garmin links on the calendar (NOTE- if these don’t work for you it is probably because you need to register or log in to Garmin Connect).

The 14/16 routes stick to the general character of previous routes while avoiding the roughest lanes and steepest descents where we can. There are a few new steep little climbs we haven’t used before but on the hilliest routes I have tried to keep the distance down a bit to compensate.

The 40 mile routes aim to use the better lanes and quieter main roads where possible. These should be more reliable for faster riding in winter conditions. The suggested average speeds for the winter are 16 and 18 which, as well as being less risky in slippery conditions, are more appropriate for the training season.

Some things don’t change though, we are still looking for more regulars to help out with leading groups so that the responsibilities are shared around more evenly. For those who don’t feel confident about navigation or are just generally not clear about what’s involved we will be running an evening seminar in early December. Details to follow but if you are interested in attending or have particular topics you would like to be covered please come and let me know at the Pump Rooms or cafe.

Don Muir