Tour of Britain is coming to Cheltenham

The Tour of Britain is passing through Cheltenham on Wednesday 10th September having come from Broadway via Snowshill, down Stanway, and over Cleeve Hill.

Schedule (early time is for lead convoy, later time is slowest schedule):

Broadway 12.10-12.40

Snowshill 12.15-12.50

Winchcombe 12.30-1.15

Cleeve Hill 12.40-1.20

Harp Hill 12.45-1.30

Leckhampton Hill 12.55-1.40

A group of us are planning to ride out 9am from the pump room to go out to Broadway, morning coffee (Tower?), and then ride the route back to Cheltenham ahead of the race, to see the race come through here. The CMC is opening at 1.30pm to show the race on TV. You are welcome to join us for ride and CMC. Martin McGreary