Women’s Ride

Emma and Yvonne will be piloting the option of a Women’s ride on the Saturday 7th June to Chedworth (see route map for details  http://connect.garmin.com/course/6571389 )
The planned route is hillier than previous “ladies” rides with the intention to appeal to the more frequent and experienced female rider, who would like to ride a more challenging route and who rides at average pace of around 15 mph or more. The underpinning initiative is to ride, socialise and get together the more established female riders in the County, both existing club members & newcomers. In addition there will continue to be a focus on polishing up and gaining confidence /understanding of group riding and etiquette. 

If successful, both Yvonne & Emma will schedule consistent monthly rides, offering the opportunity to build upon existing ability and support further progression within the friendly and encouraging scope of the group.  

There are evidently many female riders within the county and as enthusiasts ourselves, both Yvonne & Emma are keen to channel the progression and talent of many of you established riders! 

The ‘Ladies Rides” will still continue, Watch this space for up coming dates.  These rides will continue to be a suited to cater for women who are newer to cycling or the club, with a focus of building up confidence & knowledge of riding in a group in readiness to take part in the Saturday morning club rides.

Meeting will be at 9.30 a.m on Saturday 7th June at Pittville Pump Rooms.  

Please email either Emma ( mail@etrueman.co.uk ) or Yvonne 
y.patefieldsmith@gmail.com ) with any queries, concerns, ideas and indication of attendance so that no one is left behind.

See you all soon
Emma & Yvonne 

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