Club Time Trial Volunteers (particularly the 25’s)

You will recall that we had to cancel the 25 mile TT for last Thursday (15th May). This was because of a last minute shortage of time keepers. In addition, meeting the risk assessment requirements is a challenge we have taken on this year, which is a particular stretch for the 25’s.

We have 25 mile TT’s planned for 29th May, 12th June and 3rd July. We need two volunteers for each event to put out and collect warning signs along the course. A full set of signs and instructions will be provided. You will also need a car, and we will reimburse fuel costs. Winchcombe CC and Cheltenham Tri Club are kindly seeking volunteers from their membership to help with the marshaling.

Furthermore, we also need volunteers for other events, who would be on the rota of regular helpers who put out signs and help push off riders. If you can help with one or two events on other thursdays in the summer, we’d be delighted.

If we can’t get the volunteers then we will have to cancel more events, I’m afraid.

In future years we propose to make marshaling an condition of qualification for the club TT trophies in order to help share the burden and ensure no one loses out. Happy to hear views on this proposal.

Please let Harry know if you can do it, or about anything else –

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