Club Road Rides

We are making more changes to keep up with current numbers and demand. We also need to keep the whole operation manageable. Please check the calendar regularly to make sure you know destinations, distances and ride details.

From next weekend (17/18 May) there will always be two destinations for Saturday rides, one for the 30 mile 14/16 rides and the other for the 40 mile 18/20 rides. These will continue to have suggested Garmin routes and we will be looking for 6 LEADERS each week through April-October, two on each of the popular 16 and 18 rides. This is important for keeping the groups sizes manageable, to ensure safety and avoid members being dropped.

If you feel you can lead a Saturday group please put your name on the spreadsheet on this link and it will be added to the calendar automatically. If you think you could lead but feel you need some support with it please talk to me or a committee member.

Don’t forget, to show our appreciation of ride leader volunteers we now have a monthly prize draw for all those who take on a lead.

Instead of the 50 mile Saturday rides that have run every 2-3 weeks over the past year we will now have a second ride each Sunday in addition to the current 70+ mile group. The new ride will be 55-65 miles at around 16mph (less in the hills). It will have a designated destination and leader who will plan the routes. For the first few months the destinations will be those already used for the long Saturdays, after that we have a number of other options a little further afield.

To volunteer to lead a Sunday ride we have a new tab on the spreadsheet here.

We are also looking for leaders on the Tuesday evening rides so, to keep it consistent, we have a third tab for those here.

With all of these I aim to respond to the needs of the membership so I welcome all views and constructive comments.

Thanks again to all those who help to make these rides happen

Don Muir