Please consider supporting major cycling improvements for Cheltenham

This article was originally written by John Franklin of Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Cycle Campaign. I have posted it onto the CC-CC website as it should be of interest to Club members who frequent the Town Centre on two wheels and who also desire to see significant improvements to be implemented soon . . . .

“Gloucestershire County Council has advertised new traffic orders that will significantly improve cycle access to and through Cheltenham town centre, as well as bringing about more general benefits for the environment and public transport.

The effect of the proposals on cycling is shown in the attached plan.

LSTF town centre_s

Two-way cycling will be permitted throughout the High Street (with direct access to London Road) and Promenade and along most streets that are currently one-way. There will be direct access for cyclists to the town centre from most parts of town and many streets will carry less traffic.

However, the implementation of these proposals is not guaranteed due to opposition to the wider scheme (particularly the closure of Boots Corner to cars) by some people. It is true that the proposals may increase traffic in a few places, such as on College Road, in the short term, but doing nothing and allowing traffic to grow is very likely to result in similar increases in any case. On the other hand, allowing more people to access the town centre by bike and bus could lead to less traffic, with less congestion, lower levels of pollution (a significant danger to health that has to be tackled) and a generally more pleasant place in which to live and work. The plans do have the support of the Chamber of Commerce.

Please support these proposals if you can and get your friends to do likewise. Every letter or e-mail of support will really count. But you must write by 28th April 2014, so please do it as soon as you can.

Please write to: Legal Services, Shire Hall, Gloucester, GL1 2TG (Ref: HBL/52468)

Or e-mail:

Further details about the proposals are at

Thank you for helping to improve cycling in Cheltenham.

John Franklin
C&TCC Membership Secretary”

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