Support for racers (inc youth, juniors, U23 and older)

As the season approaches we would like to continue to support younger riders in the club who are participating in races.

However, we also have many new riders in the club and want to create a fairer system that rewards participation.

Here are our plans for this year for youth, junior and U23 riders:

– We will refund the cost of the British Cycling membership and race licence to any U23 rider who has ridden three events in CCCC kit.
– We will give additional prize money to those scoring BC points, at a rate of £5 per point for youth and junior riders and £1 per point for other U23’s

The following two apply to any CCCC rider of any age for any competitive events (inc open time trials, BC races, LVRC, brompton racing, whatever):

– If you have a special proposition that you think the club should help fund (entering national events, doing an awful lot of racing in a short period, etc.), contact the Race Sec.
– If you are entering a team event as a CCCC team, we will fund 50% of your entry fees.

Please note all this only applies to the road side of the club. The MTB guys have their own arrangements and are equally well funded – contact the MTB captain for info.