Saturday Rides Update

From next week (5th April) we are making some changes to the Saturday rides to better cope with the numbers likely to be riding as the weather improves.

Routes and Cafes
The 18 and 20 groups will now be going to a different cafe to the 14 and 16 groups and using modified routes of approx. 40 miles.

This will mean we leave town by different roads so causing less congestion and fewer frustrated motorists. Everyone should get to the stop around 10:45-11am with less crowding and quicker service. The links to the Garmin courses for the new routes are all on the calendar, you will need to go to “more details” to see which groups are going to each cafe. We will keep to the alternate flatter weeks and more hilly weeks as much as possible.

Leaders and Ride Etiquette
We will now be looking for at least 2 leaders for each of the 16 and 18 groups as these have proved to be the most popular. They are also often the least disciplined with too many egos and not enough understanding of how or why we ride in groups. We are planning to offer group riding skills sessions later in the year and I would encourage as many of you as possible to take advantage of these.

In the meantime it is essential that ALL participants on CCCC rides are considerate to other members of their groups and other road users. If members are seen deliberately and repeatedly disrupting groups or unnecessarily obstructing other traffic we will need to take more drastic action to ensure the safety of members and the good name of the club.

Thanks for your cooperation in this.

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