Saturday ride, 18th Jan

As the floodwater is still not showing much sign of retreating we will need to reschedule the Twigworth ride again. The next flat destination would be Staunton and, as that involves crossing Haw Bridge, it is also at risk so I have swapped with Hailes which was originally scheduled for 15th Feb.

That could have then had us going to Twigworth twice in a fortnight so I have also swapped the following Beckford ride in March to keep things evenly spaced.

All a bit complicated but it should make sense when the calendar updates.

We currently have just two leaders down for each of the next two weekends. If you are planning to ride and know the route please consider putting your name on this spreadsheet

If you are not sure what leading involves here are some basic guidelines

  • Introduce yourself and appoint a tailender for bigger groups
  • Tell them how that ride will be run (regroup at hill tops and junctions, don’t drop anyone etc.)
  • Check everyone understands about calling/pointing out obstacles, splits, approaching traffic etc.
  • No more than 2 abreast, single out when necessary
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