MTB Saturday ride changes

A number of us on the Mountain bike subcommittee have been looking at ways we can encourage new members to stay with the MTB group, by not putting them off on their first ride. It has been apparent on a few occasions that rides have been too long and technical to be enjoyable for some new riders we have briefly had with us. Unfortunately there are not enough active riders at the moment, to split the group as the roadies do.

We have decided to mark on the calender, the third Saturday of the month as an “MTB Short Ride”. Prospective new members who are new to mountain biking or existing members, who do not feel up to a faster paced ride, will be directed towards these rides.

On Saturdays that are marked as short rides, if there are new members, the ride leader will be requested to make sure the ride is shorter (10 – 15 miles) rather than the usual 20 to 30 miles. Excessively steep technical descents will be avoided on these rides.

We hope that the Saturday regulars will not be unhappy with this plan as the short Saturday rides are followed by the Sunday away day. So riders who are able to do both will probably appreciate the shorter ride on Saturday before riding again on Sunday.

While we are on topic with Saturday rides, we always need ride leaders. Please volunteer to help with these as they are the bread and butter of our club. The existing leaders are always more than happy to help with routes and we can provide many examples of previous rides. If you want to discuss a route you can always find members at the JBM on a Thursday. If you think you can help then please contact Jim via the contact page

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