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Tom Biggs takes the Wormington men's record after coming very close last week, with a time of 16:49 . An average speed of just over 28.5 mph on a technical, rolling course. Not bad, eh?

A few PBs over last week, the best being from Rachel who improved by 30 seconds - huge! Many were on their second ride of the day after doing the club jubilee ride in the morning.

Congrats to the Powys brothers for a very decent time as road bike two-up at over 24mph.  

League points: since we have now done two events on Wormington and we may be on there again next week (TBC pending roadworks), I have applied the course PB bonuses. You get a 30 point PB bonus for your first ride this season on the course and 30 points everytime you improve on it. 

Thanks to Laura (aka Lorna) Finucane, Bill Olver, Emma Skidmore, Jo Wilkie and Petra Vymetalova (thanks for the helmet!) for helping on the night.

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