Time Trial Leagues – All Comers

These are not formal club competitions. They are simply to allow all riders easily to compare their season’s best performances.

10 Miles

10 Mile Scratch League10 Mile Standards League
1Jonathan GouldCheltenham & County CC00:21:58Pete ErringtonGloucester City CC1203
2Carlo ToleoGloucester City CC00:22:34Carlo ToleoGloucester City CC1192
3Nick SlimLeisure Lakes RT00:22:44Jonathan GouldCheltenham & County CC1186
4Dave RoperRide 24/700:22:54Gary RickardsCheltenham & County CC1149
5Pete ErringtonGloucester City CC00:23:03Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC1143
6Simon TarrantCheltenham & County CC00:23:05Nick SlimLeisure Lakes RT1142
7Gary RickardsCheltenham & County CC00:23:42Simon TarrantCheltenham & County CC1139
8Rob TurnerCheltenham & County CC00:23:42Rob TurnerCheltenham & County CC1135
9Richard GriffithsWinchcombe CC00:23:49Arja ScarsbrookEchelon-Spuik1134
10Tom BarlowCheltenham & County CC00:23:50Dave RoperRide 24/71112
11Simon WittsGloucester City CC00:23:54Simon WittsGloucester City CC1110
12Glen KnightKiss Racing00:23:59Tom BarlowCheltenham & County CC1104
13Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC00:24:05Julian BullasCheltenham & County CC1103
14Julian BullasCheltenham & County CC00:24:19Jo WilkieRide 24/71099
15Oliver DammoneGloucester City CC00:24:37Glen KnightKiss Racing1093
16Rob BrushWinchcombe CC00:24:50Vickie WilkinsonVelo Vitesse1085
17Mathhew Hill Gloucester City CC00:24:56Graham SteerCheltenham & County CC1084
18Anthony LakeGloucester City CC00:25:24Richard GriffithsWinchcombe CC1073
19Jo WilkieRide 24/700:25:30Paul WillisUnattached1047
20Vickie WilkinsonVelo Vitesse00:26:14Lindsey Lewis-PainterCheltenham & County CC1044
21Tim BesienCheltenham & County CC00:26:17Mathhew Hill Gloucester City CC1042
22Graham SteerCheltenham & County CC00:26:19Anthony LakeGloucester City CC1038
23Mark WarrenKiss Racing00:26:30George BarwoodGloucester City CC1028
24Chris UdallGloucester City CC00:26:48Oliver DammoneGloucester City CC1021
25Paul WillisUnattached00:26:50Rob BrushWinchcombe CC1019
26George BarwoodGloucester City CC00:26:52Neil DooleyCheltenham Tri Club1012
27Neil DooleyCheltenham Tri Club00:26:54Rachel GreenCheltenham & County CC1010
28Anthony BallingerWinchcombe CC00:26:55Tim BesienCheltenham & County CC1009
29Richard EvershedCheltenham & County CC00:27:03Mark WarrenKiss Racing1006
30Steve RowleyGloucester City CC00:27:05Anthony BallingerWinchcombe CC1005
31Adrian PearceGloucester City CC00:27:21Chris UdallGloucester City CC992
32Lindsey Lewis-PainterCheltenham & County CC00:27:21Adrian PearceGloucester City CC986
33Arja ScarsbrookEchelon-Spuik00:27:41Georgina TaitUnattached960
34Mark ZikkingCheltenham & County CC00:28:30Richard EvershedCheltenham & County CC954
35Rachel GreenCheltenham & County CC00:29:14Steve RowleyGloucester City CC944
36Adam UnderwoodGloucester City CC00:29:29Mark ZikkingCheltenham & County CC936
37Georgina TaitUnattached00:29:44Colin Lewis-PainterEVT866
38Colin Lewis-PainterEVT00:30:41Adam UnderwoodGloucester City CC860

25 Miles

25 Mile Scratch League25 Mile Standards League