Time Trial Leagues – All Comers

These are not formal club competitions. They are simply to allow all riders easily to compare their season’s best performances.

10 Miles

10 Mile Scratch League10 Mile Standards League
1Jonathan ShubertArtic RC00:20:55Scott McArdleCheltenham & County CC1224
2Ross HollandCheltenham & County CC00:21:22Ross HollandCheltenham & County CC1217
3Jonathan GouldCheltenham & County CC00:21:26G.BrookhouseVC Montpellier1213
4Nick SlimLeisure Lakes RT00:21:49Jonathan GouldCheltenham & County CC1212
5Dave RoperRide 24/700:22:22Jonathan ShubertArtic RC1206
6G.BrookhouseVC Montpellier00:22:22Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC1197
7Andres BoilesEvesham Wheelers00:22:30Martin GotrelTeam Echelon1195
8Jake OsborneCheltenham & County CC00:22:37Gary RickardsCheltenham & County CC1193
9Mike Knightsportstest.co.uk00:22:39Nick SlimLeisure Lakes RT1187
10Scott McArdleCheltenham & County CC00:22:39Andrew BaileyEvesham Wheelers1175
11Jordan WintleCheltenham & County CC00:22:42Gabriel ChinnRide 24/71160
12Gabriel ChinnRide 24/700:22:42Will SwarbrickCheltenham & County CC1157
13Will SwarbrickCheltenham & County CC00:22:45Jake OsborneCheltenham & County CC1148
14Ben PriceKinetic K100:22:45Mike Knightsportstest.co.uk1139
15Gary RickardsCheltenham & County CC00:22:45Dave RoperRide 24/71135
16Martin GotrelTeam Echelon00:22:47Rob TurnerCheltenham & County CC1134
17Andrew BaileyEvesham Wheelers00:22:50Tom BarlowEchelon Cycles1134
18Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC00:22:54Julian BullasCheltenham & County CC1133
19Nicholas SmaleCheltenham & County CC00:23:02Daryl StroudTri Team Gloucester1129
20Matt GotrelTeam Echelon00:23:13Jordan WintleCheltenham & County CC1129
21Mathew BissettCheltenham Tri Club00:23:18Ben PriceKinetic K11127
22Simon TarrantCheltenham & County CC00:23:19Simon TarrantCheltenham & County CC1124
23Alistair KayVelo Vitesse00:23:19Alistair KayVelo Vitesse1117
24Tom BarlowEchelon Cycles00:23:34Jo WilkieRide 24/71110
25Richard GriffithsWinchcombe CC00:23:35Graham SteerCheltenham & County CC1108
26Julian BullasCheltenham & County CC00:23:36Jacob HardyCheltenham & County CC1107
27Stuart HarveyCheltenham & County CC00:23:36David AndersonCheltenham & County CC1104
28Rob TurnerCheltenham & County CC00:23:39Nicholas SmaleCheltenham & County CC1095
29Matt BoonVelo Vitesse00:23:40Mathew BissettCheltenham Tri Club1090
30Daryl StroudTri Team Gloucester00:23:54Alistair HardyCheltenham & County CC1088
31Neil ReynoldsWinchcombe CC00:24:08Stuart HarveyCheltenham & County CC1086
32David AndersonCheltenham & County CC00:24:13Neil ReynoldsWinchcombe CC1086
33Andrew SclaterCheltenham & County CC00:24:18Matt BoonVelo Vitesse1083
34Paul HaigCheltenham & County CC00:24:45Richard GriffithsWinchcombe CC1080
35Niall InglebyGloucester City CC00:25:00Paul HaigCheltenham & County CC1080
36Jacob HardyCheltenham & County CC00:25:01Matt GotrelTeam Echelon1076
37Alistair HardyCheltenham & County CC00:25:01Rachel GreenCheltenham & County CC1067
38Robert EvansCheltenham & County CC00:25:04Niall InglebyGloucester City CC1067
39Glen Knight(CC-CC Day Member)00:25:06Andrew SclaterCheltenham & County CC1065
40Jo WilkieRide 24/700:25:09Pete KellowGloucester City1059
41Vincent DouglasGloucester City00:25:14Robert EvansCheltenham & County CC1052
42Pete KellowGloucester City00:25:28Vincent DouglasGloucester City1051
43Philip WooldrigeEvesham Wheelers00:25:31Tara GrosvenorVelo Vitesse1044
44Craig BartoleCTC00:25:32Glen Knight(CC-CC Day Member)1041
45Graham SteerCheltenham & County CC00:25:36Chris UdallGloucester City1029
46Chris UdallGloucester City00:25:46Charlotte IlesVelo Vitesse1021
47Tara GrosvenorVelo Vitesse00:25:53Malcom TyeCheltenham & County CC1019
48Richard WalklateCheltenham & County CC00:26:05Neil DooleyCheltenham Tri Club1013
49Malcom TyeCheltenham & County CC00:26:11Philip WooldrigeEvesham Wheelers1011
50Tim BesienCheltenham & County CC00:26:17Mark Warren(CC-CC Day Member)1007
51Mark Warren(CC-CC Day Member)00:26:24Tim BesienCheltenham & County CC1006
52Rupert Marlow(CC-CC Day Member)00:26:25Craig BartoleCTC1001
53Dave Lait(CC-CC Day Member)00:26:37Kathryn GriffithsWinchcombe CC992
54Charlotte IlesVelo Vitesse00:26:39Dave Lait(CC-CC Day Member)991
55Neil DooleyCheltenham Tri Club00:26:47Anthony BallingerWinchcombe CC980
56Kathryn GriffithsWinchcombe CC00:27:25Max HarperCheltenham & County CC973
57Anthony BallingerWinchcombe CC00:27:32Fred SymesCheltenham & County CC973
58Rachel GreenCheltenham & County CC00:27:34Richard WalklateCheltenham & County CC970
59Max HarperCheltenham & County CC00:28:29Rupert Marlow(CC-CC Day Member)964
60Fred SymesCheltenham & County CC00:28:30Virginia HeadCheltenham Tri Club944
61Emma HorsteadCheltenham & County CC00:28:40Stuart BonhamWinchcombe CC930
62Virginia HeadCheltenham Tri Club00:28:43Louise NewmanCheltenham Tri Club917
63Georgina Ralt(CC-CC Day Member)00:28:53Mel NichollsGreat Britain911
64Mark Zikking(CC-CC Day Member)00:29:28Mark Zikking(CC-CC Day Member)902
65Stuart BonhamWinchcombe CC00:29:29Dan BurkeCheltenham & Tewkesbury Young Cycle Club884
66Louise NewmanCheltenham Tri Club00:29:30Georgina Tait(CC-CC Day Member)870
67Georgina Tait(CC-CC Day Member)00:30:18Jane WildCheltenham Tri Club844
68Mel NichollsGreat Britain00:30:21Jo WilliamsEvesham Vale Tri829
69Dan BurkeCheltenham & Tewkesbury Young Cycle Club00:30:43Evelyn GuyllWinchcombe CC772
70Jo WilliamsEvesham Vale Tri00:34:43
71Jane WildCheltenham Tri Club00:35:29
72Evelyn GuyllWinchcombe CC00:37:56

25 Miles

25 Mile Scratch League25 Mile Standards League
1Ross HollandCheltenham & County CC00:54:33Ross HollandCheltenham & County CC1227
2Jake OsborneCheltenham & County CC00:56:51Scott McArdleCheltenham & County CC1207
3Dave RoperRide 24/700:57:18Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC1202
4Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC00:58:04Gary RickardsCheltenham & County CC1174
5Gabriel ChinnRide 24/700:58:21Andrew BaileyEvesham Wheelers1166
6Andrew BaileyEvesham Wheelers00:58:29Gabriel ChinnRide 24/71165
7Scott McArdleCheltenham & County CC00:58:30Jake OsborneCheltenham & County CC1160
8Gary RickardsCheltenham & County CC00:58:48Will SwarbrickCheltenham & County CC1144
9Will SwarbrickCheltenham & County CC00:59:28Dave NieldTri Team Gloucester1131
10Mathew BissettCheltenham Tri Club00:59:34Jo WilkieRide 24/71126
11Nicholas SmaleCheltenham & County CC00:59:43Dave RoperRide 24/71125
12Simon TarrantCheltenham & County CC00:59:49Rob TurnerCheltenham & County CC1120
13Dave NieldTri Team Gloucester01:00:19Simon TarrantCheltenham & County CC1114
14Matthew HillGloucester City CC01:00:24Julian BullasCheltenham & County CC1093
15Richard CleaverCheltenham & County CC01:00:29Matthew HillGloucester City CC1089
16Rob TurnerCheltenham & County CC01:00:53Paul HaigCheltenham & County CC1084
17Rich GriffithsWinchcombe CC01:01:20Graham SteerCheltenham & County CC1084
18Stuart HarveyCheltenham & County CC01:01:30Mathew BissettCheltenham Tri Club1083
19Julian BullasCheltenham & County CC01:02:14Vincent DouglasGloucester City1074
20Richard GriffithsWinchcombe CC01:02:28Nicholas SmaleCheltenham & County CC1073
21Paul HaigCheltenham & County CC01:02:45Stuart HarveyCheltenham & County CC1059
22Vincent DouglasGloucester City01:02:47Rich GriffithsWinchcombe CC1055
23Jo WilkieRide 24/701:03:01Richard CleaverCheltenham & County CC1052
24Graham SteerCheltenham & County CC01:06:41Richard GriffithsWinchcombe CC1036
25Richard WalklateCheltenham & County CC01:06:47Rachel GreenCheltenham & County CC1003
26Chris UdallGloucester City01:07:28Mark Warren(CC-CC Day Member)1000
27Mark Warren(CC-CC Day Member)01:07:35Chris UdallGloucester City999
28Anthony BallingerWinchcombe CC01:14:02Richard WalklateCheltenham & County CC962
29Rachel GreenCheltenham & County CC01:14:36John PinfoldCheltenham & County CC930
30John PinfoldCheltenham & County CC01:17:43Anthony BallingerWinchcombe CC927